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OS/2 is a greatly different operating system for PC (ArcaOS, eComStation, IBM OS/2 Warp)
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OS/2 Holy cows

2020-01-16 00:29:09 -- Eugene Gorbunoff [os2.guru]

Is it normal to change the constitution? ops, what holy cow can be killed? and what cow is untouchable?

What sentence is correct when we discuss OS/2?

  • Some parts of OS/2 are untouchable and can't be replaced
  • OR any component, any feature of OS/2 can be changed? (but what we get in final? )

Holy cows of OS/2 - Pro and Contra

How to update OS/2 program for compatibility with ArcaOS?

2020-01-09 03:12:08 -- Eugene Gorbunoff [os2.guru]

If your program was working in OS/2 Warp or eComStation, test that it is compatible with ArcaOS:

  • X-1: directory structure was changed. example: system files are located in \sys now
  • X-2: some aux utilities are absent or are located in other place. (example: pci.exe)
  • X-3: USBCALLS: should work as early (new apps compiled with ArcaOS, may fail in old eComStation. let's test)
  • X-4: if compiling XWP widget, then check X-1, X-2.
  • X-5: ACPI dll, (help us with tests)
  • X-7: the behavior of main drivers was changed 1) video: Panorama, 2) ACPI - test compatibility of your program with this drivers
  • test the installer of your program that it works without mistakes: X-1, X-2

Warpstock Europe 2020 conference

2020-01-06 18:54:01 -- Eugene Gorbunoff [os2.guru]

What do you expect to see and listen at the conference?

local site

  • 1) ArcaNoae makes presentations every year
  • 2) bitwiseworks makes reports every year

What do you expect? what you could do for the conference?

Tested hardware

2020-01-05 03:18:08 -- Eugene Gorbunoff [os2.guru]

os2.guru makes efforts to update the database of hardware tested with OS/2. We could publish a hundred of reports during the january. Send us report about modern hardware manufactured after 2010.

What computer is better for OS/2 ?

2020-01-04 01:44:17 -- Eugene Gorbunoff [os2.guru]

We are collecting benchmark logs at http://os2.guru/sysbench

Let's analyze the results,

  • No need to use expensive external video adapters. Better use Intel integrated than NVidia external.
  • (obviously) 4 cores is better than 2 cores
  • (obviously) SSD is faster than HDD
  • (obviously) New computers are faster than old

Let's collect other 30 reports to get more conclusions.

OS/2 2020: Killer application

2020-01-03 21:00:11 -- Eugene Gorbunoff [os2.guru]

// Killer application = popular application = locomotive application = application which attracts attention of external users and makes them install OS/2 system. Definition, examples

We are discussing this topic since 2001, we still don't have such program on OS/2 market.

The latest discussion gives one more conclusion: we can't create large super Photoshop. But we should discuss what 5 small / medium size programs should be *developed* and *included* to the operating system DVD.

How are you going use PC in 2020? Order OS/2 popular application here.

What is the reason to move to ArcaOS?

2020-01-03 19:51:14 -- Eugene Gorbunoff [os2.guru]

We confirm that the users don't have discounts when migrate from eComStation to ArcaOS.

ArcaOS is better than OS/2 Warp and eComStation, because works better on modern hardware:

  • USB drivers: During installation of eCS you had many troubles: mouse and keyboard may be not available. you should reboot several times to edit config.sys, etc.

    ArcaOS includes improved USB drivers, which work much better. USB flash disks work faster. New devices are supported.

  • Refreshed User Interface: ArcaOS includes PNG Desktop and FileOpenContainer. (by default this components are not configured, you should make some efforts to use this components)
  • ArcaOS includes Firefox подробнее
  • ArcaOS includes rewritten OS loader, which fixes some problems with memory, research was started in 2005, 2008
  • New setup utilities: network, RAM-disk setup, etc.
  • Updated drivers: ACPI, Panorama,
  • To manage updates for apps ported from linux, yum/rpm is included.

Warpstock Europe 2020 is coming!

2019-12-24 23:53:45 -- Eugene Gorbunoff [os2.guru]

The OS/2 VOICE board is pleased to announce Warpstock Europe 2020. The event held in Europe where that you can visit to be informed about the latest developements regarding OS/2 and ArcaOS.

The event will be held in the youth hostel in Frankfurt Germany on Saturday 16 and Sunday the 17th of May 2020.


You can buy tickets here: http://www.os2voice.org/membership.html#warpstock

The 35 Euro's include coffee, tea and lunch. (You can get a vegetarian Lunch).

Please note, there is no information yet on http://warpstock.eu about Warpstock Europe 2020! This will follow in the coming week.

A big thanks goes out to Thomas Lösel for volenteering to look for an event location!

FROM: Roderick Klein, President OS/2 VOICE foundation

New computers with USB 3.0

2019-12-21 03:44:58 -- Igor Sapegin [os2.guru]

Igor Sapegin reported: if USB controller is attached via PCIe then OS/2 doesn't detect USB. If USB controller is attached via PCI - OS/2 can access it.

So, seems that it's necessary implement support of PCIe bus.

Seems that motherboards with USB 3.1 or Type 6 have USB attached via PCIe and OS/2 doesn't detect USB.

OS/2 2020 applications development

2019-12-21 03:18:18 -- Eugene Gorbunoff [os2.guru]

As you know, eCo Software have developed many apps and drivers for OS/2 in the past. We have accumulated a hundred of technical tasks for development of new native apps. Nobody knows what application is the most important. We should develop different programs in parallel to bring life to OS/2 again.

You can invest into the development:

  • Device Manager - General utility to setup system after installation, check the state of the devices. New versions are coming soon.. Example, 10 USD
  • LIP Multi-language packages - packages aimed to translate english ArcaOS to your native language (German, Finnish, Spanish, etc) , Example: 15 USD
  • Small modern graphics utilities

OS/2 2020: Firefox only or 10 other apps?

2019-12-18 12:56:41 -- Eugene Gorbunoff [os2.guru]

Topic which we are discussing since 2006: How to spend OS budget?

  • it's clear that web-browser porting is an important project. But keep in mind that *ported* web-browser doesn't attract new users to OS/2. On the other side, the availability of modern web-browser is the main requirement to keep existing users alive.
  • What do you recommend? spend all resources to 1 huge program or invest into dozen of medium size apps?

As we discussed before, there are 5 divisions in the OS: 1) drivers 20%, 2) utilities 20%, 3) Applications 20%, 4) installer 20%, 5) ads 20%

More detailed view at 3) Applications: for example, 1/10 could be spend to Firefox porting. other 9/10 are invested inoto 5 medium size apps to extend OS/2 market or improve usage of OS/2 for SOHO tasks.

What computer is faster in OS/2?

2019-12-15 23:14:50 -- Eugene Gorbunoff [os2.guru]

The user have many questions:

  • If you should assemble super fast computer, is it necessary select the best CPU?
  • What configuration is weak and slow in OS/2?
  • What computer is good, doesn't freeze?
  • Is it necessary buy the latest i7? or you can stay with Core 2 Duo?

Let's collect reports generated by sysbench and make conclusions based on the statistics.

If you want play the game:

  • Download sysbench
  • start sysbench, select: All tests
  • Wait (5 - 10 minutes), don't start apps
  • save the report to 20191225.txt
  • send the report and notes to email: eg at ecomstation dot ru
  • Please add:
  • a) Model of motherboard / laptop / brand PC
  • b) CPU? how many cores do you see at Pulse?
  • b) Model of video card, what driver: SNAP or Panorama?
  • d) model of HDD / SSD:

We will collect the results at the site: os2.guru/sysbench

Core 2 Duo modernization to Xeon

2019-12-14 01:51:09 -- Eugene Gorbunoff [os2.guru]

We can't recall if OS/2 users were discussing upgrade of Core 2 Duo to Xeon processors. Installation of Xeon LGA771 to LGA775 socket. Seems that this topic was popular in the Internet since 2014.

Imagine that you upgrade CPU with 2 cores and cache 2 Mb to *servre* CPU with 4 cores and 12 Mb cache. Of course, your computer should work faster. Check Xeon E5430

So, reminder: If you have motherboard with Core 2 Duo (LGA775), with support of 1333, 1600, then you can install Quad Xeon CPU (LGA771). Of course, you should make some efforts: update bios from CD + cut the socket + attach small converter to cpu.

ATTENTION: Send us the comparison: Before and After

  • use sysbench. collect All tests before and After upgrade

The life of OS/2 can be prolonged till 2025

2019-12-14 00:43:50 -- Eugene Gorbunoff [os2.guru]

One of the main barriers for OS/2 - support of UEFI. New computers (~ 2012) use UEFI interface instead of old BIOS. Currently major part of this computers support Legacy mode (emulation of old BIOS), but the manufacturing of such compatible computers will stop in 2020 and UEFI-only computers will flood the market. This will cut the chances of OS/2 for commercial usage and expansion because commercial solutions can be delivered with new computer only. OS/2 will support Used (preowned) computers only.

What forecast do you see for OS/2 if UEFI is implemented?

There was a report from Germany about current state of ArcaOS OS/2:

  • new loader is integrated to the installer of ArcaOS (beta version)
  • => so you can boot ArcaOS installer in UEFI mode
  • On some computers you can create the volume and use OS/2. (computers which support UEFI with boot from MBR)
  • other computers don't allow usage of MBR volumes and require GPT structure on the hard drive.
  • Some drivers should be updated (video, ..)

The Colloquium of eCo Software engineers forecasts that you will be able to use OS/2 till 2025 year.

The forecast is effective if

  • ArcaOS with support of USB 3.0 is released in 2020
  • ArcaOS with partial support of UEFI is released in 2020
  • if the problem of reduced memory is resolved. (you can use 2 Gb of RAM only of new computers)

OS/2 history

2019-12-12 01:12:52 -- Eugene Gorbunoff [os2.guru]

What do you offer write to the history of OS/2 in 2019? http://os2.guru/history

You can value / highlight the events only after some monthes passed. What events, what releases and publications influenced on OS/2?

Warcraft2 doesn't work in OS/2

2019-12-11 19:02:07 -- Eugene Gorbunoff [os2.guru]

Does Warcraft2 work on your PC? Warcraft2 download Do the troubles depend on version of OS/2?

    PC A:
    • Core 2 Duo, Intel mb
    • ArcaOS 5.0.4
    • Panorama
    • Core 2 Duo / 3GB
    • uconfig: Generic VGA / 256Kb / 8 bit / [ ]
    • no warcraft2 patches installed
    • no changes to DOS params. test 2: changed some params

    => crashes PC B: (home)

    • i5 gen2 / ThinkCentre
    • ArcaOS 5.0.3
    • Panorama
    • i5, Gen 2 / 4GB
    • uconfig: Generic VGA / 256Kb / 8 bit / [ ]
    • no changes to DOS params
    • no warcraft2 patches installed

    => Warcraft 2 works

1) Seems that DOS/4GW is integrated to war2.exe

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