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eComStation breathes new life into Access Community Radio

TITLE: eComStation breathes new life into Access Community Radio

DATE: 2005-12-01 12:19:11


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Access Community Radio, broadcating as Planet FM is a community access radio station in Auckland, New Zealand, managing content for 130 programme makers in 52 languages. Planet FM has used OS/2 Warp based program called Startrax as their Radio Station Automation System since 1996.

Music, Adverts and Programmes are either recorded or imported into Startrax. Once in the system the audio files are scheduled into a strict format which is used by the Airplay Computer to play everything to the listening audience and manage the studio switching.

Failure of a key workstation required a new computer to be purchased. After many failed attempts to install OS/2 Warp on the new computer Access Radio were being forced to seriously consider changing Automation Systems. Startrax and OS/2 Warp had been such a stable solution for Access Radio that change was not welcome. As a not-for-profit organization with minimal available funding, the implementation of any new system would also have been fiscally challenging.

The discovery of eComStation has breathed new life into Startrax and Planet FM. Instead of having to look for a replacement Radio Automation System, Planet FM is now confident of using Startrax for another five or ten years.

eComStation was easy to install on the new computer and configuration to connect to the network went without a hassle. Planet FM staff have been impressed by eComStation and are now upgrading older OS/2 Warp computers to the new operating system. An unexpected benefit of upgrading to eComStation has been noticeable performance increase in Startrax.

Homepage: http://www.104.6planetfm.org.nz

Test the program:

Virtual machine for eComStation? How to run eComStation inside virtual machine? (Read more..)


Bill Armstrong
2005-12-02 19:48:41

What a great story. I worked in radio before the days of automation, and I'm encouraged to know it is possible to program and automate a station using eCS.

2005-12-03 20:54:04

Hello , were can i get Startrak for Os/2 ?

Is it still sold ? , can somebody send it to me ?..

Really thanks

Ben Dragon
2007-12-11 22:36:01

Yes, StarTrax sounds very interesting and I wouldn't mind having a copy of that myself.

Has anyone found a way of getting a copy?

Please E-mail me if you have anything on this, my E-mail address is valid. Thanks.


Ed Durrant
2009-01-17 12:50:19

From what I can research, it appears that the software came from the IBM BBS system - so it may be on a mirror of this if you can find it.

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