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OS/2 is a greatly different operating system for PC (ArcaOS, eComStation, IBM OS/2 Warp)
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Q1: WPS (desktop) is not usable after boot (slow, strange)
A1: How do you load acpidaemon?
  • loading from config.sys - wrong
  • load the daemon from x:\startup.cmd, example: start x:\OS2\ACPIDAEMON.EXE

Q2: How to disable CPU?
A2: x:\OS2\MPCPUMON.EXE - enable/disable a CPU, etc.
Status ->
click cpu
Q3: What is the purpose of /FS switch?
A3: /FS was implemented for Dell notebooks

The behavior of Dell is different.. to overcome the problems, this switch was implemented.

/FS - turn off acpi before each kernels call to Real Mode (for example: int 13h BIOS call for read from disk)

Q4: Long pauses during boot (or traps) when the users see screen01.sys line on the screen during 1 or 2 minutes:
A4: The screen01.sys driver makes the 1-st call to PCI => oemhlp (ACPI) => so.. all problems occur because of long initialization of ACPI.
Q5: Device X works slow.
A5: call rmview /irq

if you see that N devices occupy 1 IRQ then: I guess that's a problem. If any of the above is PCI cards, try to shuffle them around, trying different slots. On PC bootup, run 'ESCD update' or something like that which will refresh PCI configuration space (reassigning IRQ levels to the various devices and the like). When OS/2 recovery screen comes up, hit 'F5' to run device detection. Make sure that in OS/2 Hardware manager, in 'Settings' -> 'detection level' that you enable full Hardware detection as a standard and also on 'only next bootup'.

(thx Lars Erdmann)

Read also: Configuring ACPI driver for eComStation 2.0

Q5: My computer has 1 CPU, Can I use APIC?
A5: No, eComStation doesn't support /APIC if using 1 CPU
Q6: Is it necessary use ACPI driver inside Guest eCS?
A6: No need..
Q7: Does ECS support multiple processors?
A7: Does it actually make use of all processors? As in actually splitting load between them?

Derek: ...with the SMP pack installed, yes, it does.

Each CPU becomes a separate 'thread' handler... multi-threaded apps will use both of the CPUs, single-threaded ones will use one CPU while the OS uses the other.

As always, the pre-emptive multi-tasking kicks in, so the OS handles all the scheduling of time slices allotted to each thread.

Ed Durrant: YES

And not a stupid question ! My experience with Windoze is that the OS does not balance usage across the processors, not sure how it decides when to use the second processor, could be file IO on one processor, everything else on the other ??

With eCS, it appears to me that the OS simply sees the 2nd (or more) processor as more available threads and balances all processor load across both (or more) processor cores as resource is available, hence I see a fairly balanced load on both of the cores in my AMD X2.

Q8: How to migrate to ACPI 3.14?
A8: How to do this? This requires 1 minute + 20 seconds + 1 reboot
  • make backup of current ACPI files, settings
  • ACPI 3.14 Fast Upgrade .wpi
  • and use ACPI utilities for ACPI 3.14




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