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How to support eCo Software

Do you have unnecessary computers? You can pass the hardware to eCo Software.

eCo Software is famous as ..

  • developer of eComStation system components
  • developer of shareware programs
  • eComStation Russian
  • support service (eCSFAQ,,

As you can see, major part of our products are shareware or commercial. The income from sellings covers 20% of our expenses. That's why we need your support.


Are you interested to support eCo Software? It's very difficult to equip all developers with hardware.

You can buy some sponsor units or send us a computer:

Step 1: What is the model of PC? Currently (2010) we need:
  • Notebooks: 3 notebooks (manufactured after 2005)
  • Intel multicore motherboards: 3 x motherboards
  • AMD multicore motherboards: 3 x motherboards
  • Video adapters: 2 x ATI x850 adapters
  • 1 server (Quad Core)
  • USB Touchscreens: to start the development of drivers
Step 2: Select a project Which project/developer do you support? Please select:
  • Glassman (developer of DVD/CD Toys, FileOpenContainer)
  • cat (developer of eCo Market, PCM/MySafe)
  • Capricorn (developer of WPS applications)
  • LigthElf (developer of video drivers)
  • ntim (developer of audio codecs)
  • Wizard (designer)
  • Yuri Proniakin (eComStation/Rus)
  • Digi (communications)

Step 3: Send the hardware Send the hardware to eCo Software using DHL or other service.

Attention: value the package < 100 USD (write that it's second hand computer, etc)

Step 4: Compensation We (eCo Software) are ready send you some licenses for our shareware programs.

This compensates your postal expenses.

Step 5: control of your sponsorship how to verify that your computer influences on development of eCS/OS/2 software?
  • let's publish the fact of hardware sponsorship in news.
  • let's ask the developer send you reports during 6 monthes

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