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Warpstock Russia

1 EURO = 44 RUB.

Do I need VISA to visit Russia?

Yes, usually you need VISA. No information how to get it.

  • Germany
  • Netherlands
  • ..

Pulkovo 2 Airport

Fill the migration form in the plane (after the food). Simply copy the data from your passport to this small paper. This requires 5 minutes. You need the pen.

Border control..

Care about your suitcases. The hall with pipelines is not comfortable.

Purchase some rubles in the airport. 1000 RUB or 2000 RUB is enough for buses, metro, water.

You exit to the guest hall => taxi drivers attack you. Repeat several times that you have a car, you don't need their services.

Attention: never never use the taxi in the airport. All prices are fake, very high.

Pulkovo 2 Airport, bus 13

exit from the building and find the bus 13 (on the left).

  • The bus comes every N minutes. You have 30 seconds - 1 minute to enter it. :)
  • Large bus - if a group of tourists
  • small bus if you are alone.
  • The bus goes from Pulkovo 2 -> "Moskovskaya" metro station -> .. http://www.pulkovoairport.ru/transportation/city_bus/
  • Pay on exit. 20 .. 30 RUB per person
  • Attention: don't forget to exit!! How to understand that it's necessary exit? hmm.. The stop after large monuments, large square. or the next one? ???

    "Moskovskaya" metro station: http://www.metrowalks.ru/spb/photo-2-15-9

  • Security: Many people around.. be careful.

Pulkovo 2 Airport, bus 13 -> Metro / Sub-way

  • How to find subway? not easy.. Hmm... it's necessary walk some minutes by underground gallery.
  • You are in the underground, you see the hall of subway.
  • Pause: You can stop near to newspaper kiosks.. look around.. buy coins.
  • You should buy coins for sub-way. Usually there is a queue of people.. Which purchase coins, cards, month cards.

    Price: 20 RUB http://www.metro.ru/fare/tokens/p2.html

  • So.. you need a banner: "I need coins"? :)
  • Subway map. http://www.flat-spb.ru/metro_spb_map.jpg
  • When to exit? Count the stations. This is the only method.
  • How to change lines? Count the stations. Exit from the vagon. Look at left or right, There is exit to the city on one side and a gallery to the crossing line on the other.
  • What to do in the vagon? Don't block the doors. Usually you can put your suitcase near to the doors of other side of vagon. BUT.. the stations around Moskovskaya, Technologicheski institut - this doors are opened.. so.. no silent corner :)
  • Security: don't check your money/documents here. Many people around.. be careful.
  • Troubles: you drop coin but the railroad woman want something from you. Maybe she wants make you pay for baggage? (huge baggage) Usually nobody pays. Try walk without payment.

Pulkovo 2 Airport, taxi

Pulkovo 2 Airport -> Dostojevski Hotel 19

  • The hotel's taxi for 6 person: 3000 RUB
  • Taxi 777 (tel: 777-1777) 600 RUB + % (6 person) = 780 RUB ??????? maybe a mistake..
  • New yellow taxi (tel: 600-8888), 2 * 800 RUB (2 cars for 6 person)

Whats best to do with money? Money exchange

Usually you can get money from ATM machines. There are many in the city (List of recommended banks: ..) The comission is high. Take some cash.

Money exchange:

  • Never exchange with unknown people.
  • Always use banks (small or medium) to exchange money or take money from ATM.

Customs, max amount of money:

  • Customs declare: you can transfer no more than 10 000 USD


Whats best place to stay in St Petersburg?

  • There are hotels in the center: ..
  • There are hotels near to subways: ..

List of hotels: ..


There is no culture of restaurants in Russia like in Western Europe.

  • Don't visit the restaurants in the outlying districts of the city.
  • The restaurants on Nevsky prospect and other central streets are good (thousands of tourists are visiting this places every day).
  • You can visit Pizza Hut, McDondalds, don't buy food like Shaverma (Shaurma). It's really dangerous, don't compare with turkish shaurma in western europe.

Addresses of the Restaurants:

  • Nevsky prospect: ???
  • Marata street: ???

Misc food

  • You can buy ice-cream on the streets, packed.. from "normal"-looking people.


  • Bon-bons: Korkunov


  • Toys: Cheburashka


    poor chinese quality: http://attachments-blog.tut.by/1421/files/2008/04/cheburashka.jpg

Which places to visit?

  • Walk by the bank on Neva river in the center.
  • Walk around the Cathederals in the center
  • Visit the suburbs (Palaces)
  • Hermitage (high prices for foreigners)
  • Walk by the Neva river
  • Rubinstejna street
  • Nevskij Prospect
  • Puschkin city
  • Isaak Cathedral
  • Eremitage
  • 'Peterhof'


Phone of e-co: ...

How to survive on the streets?

  • The cars don't admit the pedestrians (?), so look at traffic lights, etc.

Going home via Pulkovo 2

you should come to the airport in advance, 2 hours for customs control, bordering.

subway time: http://

you come to "Moskovskaya" station.. you will see small banners "-> to Airport" (??) you go by dirty underground gallery during 5 minutes -> exit to the street - you see McDonalds. Find the bus N 13 there.

Attention: ask the driver stop at Pulkovo 2. else they can move to Pulkovo 1 :)



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Report: OS/2 compatible hardware


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